This section provides testing information for batch processing via Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP) and Web Service as well as instructions on how to establish connectivity to the ATLAS Staging QA Environment.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) requires that all Non-Renew participants test non-renewal transactions in our ATLAS Staging QA environment. Until you have demonstrated the ability to process satisfactorily in the RMV test environment you will not granted permission to access the ATLAS production environment.

To begin the testing process you must notify the RMV at atlas.municipalities@dot.state.ma.us that you are ready to start testing. An RMV associate will contact your via email when you should submit your first test file and/or web service call.

Important Notes:

  • Batch users must have a MOVEit QA account established prior to notifying the RMV that you are ready to begin testing.
  • Web Service users must have already provided the RMV with your IP Address and certificate of authentication prior to notifying the RMV that you are ready to begin testing.

Once you are satisfied with the test results the RMV requires that you complete a Non-Renewal Program Attestation form.  The Attestation form is your confirmation that you have successfully completed testing with the RMV and you are ready to be moved into the ATLAS production environment to submit Non-Renew batch files and/or Web Service calls.

ATLAS Staging QA Environment

The ATLAS Staging QA environment is a converted copy of the production ATLAS database. The ATLAS Staging QA environment is refreshed every Saturday evening. Test files uploaded Mon-Fri* between 7am -5pm will be processed that evening and the resulting response file will be returned.

*Files uploaded on Friday should be submitted prior to 2pm to ensure you receive a response file prior to the refresh.

Batch File Testing

Test batch files are processed in the ATLAS Staging QA environment. Test files that are uploaded to be processed will receive the resulting response file.

To test the Non-Renew Batch Process you must: 

  1. Log into the MOVEitTM QA testing environment:  https://transferqa.massdot.state.ma.us
  2. Upload a test Non-Renew test file in your Non-Renew/ATLAS Testing/Request folder.
    • Depending on the access you have you should be sending a variety of transactions (inquires, marks, clears – parking, excise or abandoned).
  3. Notify the RMV at atlas.municipalities@dot.state.ma.us that you have uploaded a test file to your Non-Renew/ATLAS/Request folder.
    • The RMV will process your test file and return a response file.
  4. You will receive e-mail notification that there is a new file available in your MOVEitTM account Non-Renew/ATLAS/Response folder.
  5. Log into MOVEitTM QA testing environment https://transferqa.massdot.state.ma.us download, save, review your file, and process the file in your test system. 
  6. Once you are satisfied with testing complete and return the Non-Renewal Attestation form to the RMV at atlas.municipalities@dot.state.ma.us.

IMPORTANT:  The RMV will only pickup and process batch files that are uploaded using the correct naming convention. The naming convention depends on which file format that you are currently using and have been configured to submit for:

  • ATLAS Format: NonRenewInput_AAA_yyyyMMddHHmmss.nrn
    Example: NonRenewInput_Z99_20191004062501.nrn
  • Legacy Format** (same format as today): NonRenewInput_Legacy_AAA_yyyyMMddHHmmss.nrl
    Example: NonRenewInput_Legacy_Z99_20191004062501.nrl

The above examples are the exact file names and file extensions; you use your CODE # and Timestamp.

**Legacy batch files are not accepted for new non-renew participants. The legacy format will be phased out in 2020 the exact date has not been determined. All non-renew participants will be notified once this has been determined.

Web Service Testing

Web Service calls are processed in our ATLAS Staging QA environment. Web Services are secured by both IP whitelisting and certificate authentication. You will need to provide:

  • All IPs from which ATLAS web service calls could originate.  These IPs will be included in the RMVs whitelist form.  IPs that attempt to access the ATLAS endpoint that are not listed will be blocked.
  • A Client Certificate – A 2-year client certificate public key signed by a Certification Authority.

For more information review the ATLAS Web Service Security document which includes an Overview, X.509 Client Certificates, and Client IP Whitelisting requirements.

Generating a Sample Request

This new document is intended to serve as a supplement to web service consumers by providing easy ways to generate a sample request. – MA RMV ATLAS –Generating Web Service Sample Requests

To establish web service connectivity to the ATLAS QA staging environment for testing, you must:

  1. Download and complete the Non-Renewal Web Service – IP Whitelist form. Email the completed form & your Client Certificate to atlas.municipalities@dot.state.ma.us.
  2. You will receive email notification from the RMV once your IPs have been whitelisted.
  3. The RMV Production Support Team will contact you to establish web service connectivity.

The Non-Renewal Web Service Endpoint ATLAS Staging QA URL is responsive 24x7, except for weekend conversion and unexpected issues. The Web Service Endpoint ATLAS Staging QA URL can be found in the secured Technical section.

When you begin testing the RMV suggests that you test all transactions. Depending on the access you have you should be sending a variety of transactions (inquires, marks, clears – parking, excise, tolling or abandoned).

NOTE: Only transactions that have been successfully tested using a web service call in the ATLAS Staging QA environment will be allowed to be move into production.

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