This page will provide information for the overall testing timeframe as well as instructions on how to establish connectivity to the ATLAS R2 QA Environment.

Testing Schedule

July 22, 2019 - October 18, 2019: Full Integration Testing (required)

Full Integration Testing – A fully converted production database will be available in the ATLAS R2 QA environment. The database will be refreshed weekly based on a defined schedule (see below). Other than this weekly data conversion process that typically occurs on Sunday evenings, the ATLAS staging environment will be available for web service and batch file testing. Note that technical support on weekends and holidays will be limited.

Batch File Testing

Batch files received via the MOVEit file transfer connection to the ATLAS R2 QA environment will automatically be processed business day evenings. Any files received by 7:00pm (EDT) will be processed and an associated response file will be produced and available in MOVEit.

If you would like to have a file format verified, please contact the interface team with that request at DOT-DL-ATLAS-Interfaces-R2@dot.state.ma.us.

Web Service Testing

Web service endpoint should be responsive 24x7, except for weekend conversion and unexpected issues (it is a testing environment).

Confirmation of Testing

The RMV requires that you complete Non-Renewal Program Attestation form. The Attestation form is your confirmation that you have successfully completed testing with the RMV before you will be allowed to submit Non-Renew batch files and/or Web Service calls to the RMV’s ATLAS production environment.

Data Refresh Schedule

The ATLAS R2 QA environment will hold a converted copy of the production database. The database will be refreshed from a new converted copy of production on the following schedule:

Testing Cycle Production Data "as of" Refreshed in ATLAS R2 QA on Testing Cycle Begin Date Testing Cycle End Date
1 Wed, Jul 10th Sun, Jul 14th Mon, Jul 22nd Fri, Jul 26th
2 Wed, Jul 10th Sun, Jul 28th Mon, Jul 29th Fri, Aug 2nd
3 Wed, Jul 10th Sun, Aug 4th Mon, Aug 5th Fri, Aug 9th
4 Wed, Aug 7th Sun, Aug 11th Mon, Aug 12th Fri, Aug 16th
5 Wed, Aug 7th Sun, Aug 18th Mon, Aug 19th Fri, Aug 23th
6 Wed, Aug 21st Sun, Aug 25th Mon, Aug 26th Fri, Aug 30th
7 Wed, Aug 21st Sun, Sep 1st Mon, Sep 2nd Fri, Sep 6th
8 Wed, Sep 4th Sun, Sep 8th Mon, Sep 9th Fri, Sep 13th
9 Wed, Sep 11th Sun, Sep 15th Mon, Sep 16th Fri, Sep 20th
10 Wed, Sep 18th Sun, Sep 22nd Mon, Sep 23th Fri, Sep 27th
11 Wed, Sep 25th Sun, Sep 29th Mon, Sep 30th Fri, Oct 4th
12 Wed, Oct 2nd Sun, Oct 6th Mon, Oct 7th Fri, Oct 11th
13 Wed, Oct 9th Sun, Oct 13th Mon, Oct 14th Fri, Oct 18th

NOTE: The Smoke Testing end-point will remain active throughout Interface Testing, and Sample Batch files can be provided upon request.

*Production connectivity verification – October 21st through November 1st

Testing – Batch

To test the Non-Renew Batch Process you must: 

  1. Log into the MOVEitTM QA testing environment: https://transferqa.massdot.state.ma.us 
  2. Upload a test Non-Renew test file in your Non-Renew/ATLAS Testing/Request folder. 
    • Depending on the access you have you should be sending a variety of transactions (inquires, marks, clears – parking, excise or abandoned).
    • If you would like to have a file format verified, please contact the interface team with that request at DOT-DL-ATLAS-Interfaces-R2@dot.state.ma.us.
  3. Notify the MOVEitTM Team DOT-DL-ATLAS-Interfaces-R2@dot.state.ma.us that you have put a test file in your Non-Renew/ATLAS Testing/Request folder. 
    • The RMV will process your test file in the ATLAS system and return a response file.
  4. You will receive e-mail notification that there is a new file available in your MOVEitTM account Non-Renew/ATLAS Testing/Response folder.
  5. Log into MOVEitTM QA testing environment https://transferqa.massdot.state.ma.us download, save, review your file, and process the file in your test system. 
  6. Once you are satisfied with testing notify the Interface Team DOT-DL-ATLAS-Interfaces-R2@dot.state.ma.us that you were able to successfully test and that you are satisfied with the results.

Testing – Web Service

ATLAS web services will be secured by both IP whitelisting and certificate authentication. To establish web service connectivity to the ATLAS staging environment for testing, each organization will need to provide:

  • All IPs from which ATLAS web service calls could originate.  These IPs will be included in the RMVs whitelist.  IPs that attempt to access the ATLAS endpoint that are not listed will be blocked.
  • A Client Certificate – A 2-year client certificate public key signed by a Certification Authority.

(for more information, please review this updated ATLAS Web Service Security document which included and Overview, X.509 Client Certificates, and Client IP Whitelisting requirements)

Generating a Sample Request

This new document is intended to serve as a supplement to web service consumers by providing easy ways to generate a sample request. – MA RMV ATLAS – Generating Web Service Sample Requests

Please download and complete this form to provide IPs for whitelisting Non-Renewal Web Service Testing Setup.

Please send completed ATLAS/Non-renewal Release 2 Testing form & Client Certificate information to tedford.armistead@dot.state.ma.us.

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