Non-Renewal Program

The program information in this section is intended for Non-renewal participants and their processing vendors.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles' (RMV) Non-Renewal Program provides participating municipalities and their processing vendors with the ability to mark a vehicle's registration record for unpaid parking tickets, non-payment of excise tax, toll violations, and abandoned vehicles. This mark will prevent the renewal of the registration and the vehicle’s first owner’s driver's license until all non-renewal incidents have been satisfied and cleared.

To participate in the Non-Renewal Program we require that all RMV Business Partners sign an Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (“Access Agreement”) along with additional required documentation for this program, which can be found in the Documents Section.

RMV data contains Driver's Privacy Protection Act protected information, so your employees, contractors, and/or agents must have a background check before they can access RMV data, refer to Section 11 of the Access Agreement.

There are three methods of access for the Non-Renewal Program:

  • Business Portal: This real-time service facilitates individual users logging into a web-based portal displaying native RMV screens.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Batch Files: This is used to send and receive what are commonly known as Batch files, using the RMV’s SFTP file transfer solution called MOVEItTM.
  • Web Services: These facilitate real time data exchange between the user's system and the RMV. The Web Services allow users to integrate the sending and receiving of RMV data into their system and business processes.

As part of the Non-Renewal Program we offer free direct access to the RMV via a Business Portal.

Depending on the type of access you have the Business Portal gives you the ability to:

  • Inquire on drivers and vehicles
  • Clear Non-Renewal Tickets
  • Mark Non-Renewal Tickets
  • View Registration Periods
  • View Address History
  • View Clear/Mark History

How do I enroll my Municipality in the Non-Renewal Program?

Refer to the Non-Renewal Program Manual on how to enroll in the Non-Renewal program.

What is required to have access to the Business Portal?

Each user that would like access to the Business Portal must complete a RMV Business Partner User Request form and their Municipality or Business must have signed an Access Agreement with the RMV, refer to the Business Portal section.

Can I have access to the Business Portal if I use a vendor to process my Non-Renew marks and clears via a batch/SFTP file?

Yes, we encourage all municipalities to apply for access to the Business Portal. The Business Portal is free, easy to use and is a helpful tool for your municipality.

Is there training available for the Business Portal?

Yes, refer to the Training & Support section for Business Portal training videos on navigating, using and performing transactions in the Business Portal.

Refer to the Non-Renewal Business Portal Reference Guide for helpful tips and instruction on how to use the Business Portal.

How does a vendor become authorized to process Non-Renew transactions on behalf of a Municipality?

An authorization letter must be submitted to the RMV by the municipality. This letter must be on the official letterhead of the municipality and signed by the appropriate signatory authority. The letter must include the processing vendors information i.e. company name, address, telephone number, contact person’s name & email address. The letter must also include what non-renew sub-system (Abandoned vehicles, Excise, Parking or Tolling) you are authorizing the vendor to process for you including when the authorization goes into effect.

Authorization letters should be emailed to

How does the RMV exchange files with Non-Renew participants?

Non-Renew files are exchanged using the RMV's Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP) MOVEit . You are required to upload/download your files from MOVEit.

For more detailed information on the RMV's Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP), please refer to the MOVEit section.

How many Non-Renewal request files can be submitted each day?

There is no limit on how many request files can be submitted each day.

NOTE: If you submit multiple request files each day the RMV will only return one response file daily. The responses from each of your request files will be packed into one response file from the RMV.

What if I did not receive a Non-Renew response file after a request file was submitted?

The RMV recommends that you first confirm that you are accessing the Production MOVEit environment:

If you are in the correct environment and your file is not available to you, please email the RMV at

How do I request a Non-Renew Balance file?

To request a non-renew balance file you would send an email to Non-Renew balance files are sent to you using the RMV’s Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP) MOVEit.

Do I need to test with the RMV to send batch SFTP files or consume Web Services?

Yes, refer to the Testing section for more detailed information on the testing process for both batch SFTP and Web Services.

Where do I find the Non-Renew batch file specifications, error codes, Web Service Design documents and other technical documents?

These documents can be found in the secured Technical section. You will need a username and password to access this section.

To request access to the technical area, please email

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