The RMV has migrated to the MOVEit Secure File Transfer Process platform for all batch files. MOVEit provides the RMV and its business partners with greater security, as well as access controls, file encryption, and activity tracking that ensures operational reliability and compliance with governance and regulatory requirements.

Interchange, the current batch file transfer process used to send and/or receive files from the RMV, will no longer be used by the RMV as a file transfer service.

We will work with you to ensure we have the appropriate contact people within your organization to apply for access to the RMV’s MOVEit platform before transitioning to the new SFTP service.

RMV data is only available to RMV permitted users. Please refer to the program section of this website for more details and/or requirements of the program in which you participate.

What is changing?

Delivery Method
The current file transfer process you are utilizing to send and/or receive files from the RMV will be sent via SFTP file transfer using the MOVEit platform.

Next Steps

  • Download the ATLAS MOVEit File Transfer Guide.
  • Email with the contact information for your organization’s person(s) that we should work with to transition your organization to MOVEit
  • The MassDOT IT project team will contact you to initiate the transition and create a MOVEit account for your company.
  • We will email you with information about testing and when it will begin.
  • After successful testing, production access will be granted and you’ll receive appropriate credentials to send and/or receive files via MOVEit.

What's New

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