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Training for ATLAS Release 2 Vehicle Services

To ensure that we have a seamless transition to ATLAS R2, we are providing ATLAS system training to our RMV business partners. Training will vary by program and business partner type. Training on Insurance is provided for IPM partners.

You can also access training for all programs and partner groups on the main ATLAS Training page.

IPM "How To" Documentation for Insurance eService Portal

In response to questions, the ATLAS team has developed some simple "How To" pdf's:

The ATLAS team has also developed a eService Portal Frequently Asked Questions document for your review (Posted 12/4/2019) – IPM Portal FAQs

IPM Updates and Changes since Launch (November 12, 2019)

The RMV's new ATLAS application successfully launched on Tuesday, November 12, 2019. Since that launch, the ATLAS Interface team has received numerous questions from the IPM community. While many of these questions relate to specific data and processing questions, some of these have uncovered issues that required intervention. The team has accumulated IPM related issues that have resulted in changes implemented into the ATLAS environment and have included the list of items below. Please send any ATLAS questions to the ATLAS IPM email ( for review and response.

Insurance eService Portal

The following Items/Resolutions have been implemented in the ATLAS production environment:

Identified Items Resolution Posted
Error when selecting the browser BACK button after viewing a policy After viewing an Insurance Policy, a system navigation error that occurred when selecting the browser BACK button has been fixed. 12/4/2019
Unable to add trailer to an insurance policy; error message display "Vehicle not found" The error message that was displaying "Vehicle not found" when adding a trailer to a policy has been removed. The VIN can now be entered and added to the policy. 12/4/2019
Cannot cancel a policy in portal for non-payment or failure to pay without a positive dollar amount Unpaid premium amount is no longer required for the non-payment and failure to pay cancellation reasons. Also, negative amounts are no longer accepted. 12/4/2019
Error message displayed "All policy vehicles must be registered with the Massachusetts RMV" on insurance policy related transactions such as amendments/cancellations The error message "All policy vehicles must be registered with the Massachusetts RMV" will now only display if 1) a brand new policy is being added and one of the vehicles is unregistered, or 2) an unregistered vehicle is being added to an existing policy.

All other transactions and amendments can be performed on policies with unregistered vehicles.

Enhance Search functionality Search by Plate/Vehicle
  • If the plate is active and associated with the current ownership account, it will display "Current" in the match results.
  • If the plate is inactive and associated with the current ownership account, it won't display "Current" and the match results will be grayed out.
  • If the plate is associated with a different ownership account, the entire row will be grayed out. The ownership information in the center column will be historical, and there will be a link to the old ownership account on the right.


  • Current records populate at the top of the page

Filter box provides a way to narrow the search

Provide an easier way to view past ownership for a plate View Past Ownership link added to the Registration springboard; Plates sub-tab navigates to the ownership details for that plate 12/4/2019
Provide a way to view liens associated with a vehicle A Liens sub-tab has been added to the Vehicle springboard and displays any liens associated with a vehicle 12/4/2019
Column headers of "Effective" and "Ceased" on the policy details page were causing confusion Re-labeled column labels on the policy details page:
  • "Effective" changed to "Added To Policy"
  • "Ceased" changed to "Removed From Policy"
When IPM searches (Individual, Vehicle, Business, and Policy) return a large number of details, finding a specific item can be difficult and time consuming Added the ability to filter search results for Individual, Vehicle, Business, and Policy searches 11/27/2019
IPM Portal displays title information including whether a title has a lienholder on it. In cases where the title status is Title in Progress, it does not display the lienholder information. The title tab acts like the title tab in ATLAS where the lienholder only appears once the title has been issued. Lienholders are now being returned when the title is in progress. Also, both historical titles and current titles are being returned correctly with the appropriate liens (at the time of the historical title). 11/27/2019
The IPM portal was using the average trade in value for the NADA inquiry, while ATLAS used the clean trade in value The Vehicle NADA Details request has been updated on the IPM Portal to reflect the clean trade in value 11/25/2019
Insurance carriers are not able to amend policies when the term is ceased in the future (future dated cancellation) Carriers can now perform insurance transactions/ amendments as usual on future-cancelled policies, up to and including the cancellation date 11/25/2019
The IPM portal did not display the Gross Vehicle Weight correctly Gross Vehicle Weight, if present, now shows correctly on the Vehicle Details tab 11/25/2019
The IPM portal did not display the registered weight of a vehicle. Insurance agents use this information when writing policies The registered weight of a vehicle will now display in the Registration section on the vehicle springboard for vehicles with non-zero registered weights 11/25/2019
Difficulty finding Registration Cancelation date Registration Cancelation date is now displayed in the Registration box at the top of the screen 11/25/2019
Some Non-Renewal violations were not displaying against a Registration All Non-Renewal violations are now displayed 11/25/2019
The plate detail springboard displays the current primary owner of the vehicle. It should show historical plate owner information instead The plate detail springboard now matches the historical plate data in ATLAS and displays historical owners when appropriate 11/25/2019
For IPM portal Renewal transactions, the new (renewed) policy effective date defaulted to the day after the previous policy expires. The new policy effective date should be the same day as the previous expiration. (e.g. if a policy expires on Nov. 16th, the new policy effective date should be Nov. 16th, not Nov. 17th) The policy effective date on renewals will now use the expiration date from the previous term 11/25/2019
Difficulties encountered when attempting to remove two vehicles from the policy with many pages of vehicles, requiring the user to scroll through each screen to find the appropriate vehicle A filter has been added to this function to simplify the location of a specific vehicle 11/25/2019
ATLAS only permitted non-zero unpaid premium amounts to be provided upon cancellation when the reason for cancellation was for "unpaid premium" (reason code). Carriers have identified scenarios where the customer has outstanding debt but the policy cancelation reason was something other than Unpaid Premium. We need to allow Unpaid Premium for any cancelation reason. Both the current reason for unpaid premiums (Non Payment and Failure to Pay) and other cancellations such as Dissatisfaction, Vehicle Transferred, Vehicle Sold, and Cancel/Rewrite cancellation types now allow entry an unpaid premium amount 11/25/2019
Once canceled with $0 in unpaid premium, the carrier cannot add unpaid premium. Several carriers have indicated they do not have an accurate unpaid premium amount at time of cancelation. Clear/Amend transactions for cancelled policies can now update the unpaid premium amount 11/25/2019
ATLAS will only allow amendments for up to 3-years after the policy expiration date. Carriers cannot report the payment of unpaid premium on policies more than three years old. Clear/Amend transactions for cancelled policies can now be processed regardless of how long the policy has been cancelled 11/25/2019

IPM Secure Batch File Transfer (via MOVEit)

The following Items/Resolutions have been implemented in the ATLAS production environment:

Identified Items Resolution Posted
When an insurance carrier account is ceased and a new account is created with the same CAR code, any batch transactions with a transaction effective date prior to the commence date of the new account are being rejected with error code "0201 - Carrying Insurance Company Code blank or invalid". 3 items have being addressed:
  1. Data fix to update commence dates of insurance carrier accounts (INC) to allow them to continue processing immediately (customer commence dates that are after the new account commence date will also be updated)
  2. Update to insurance carrier account (INC) "active" check to only check that they're active on the current date if evaluating if they're active for a historical policy
  3. Update to allow editing the commence date for insurance carrier accounts (INC) to allow updating the commence date to accurately reflect the date the CAR code began doing business with MA"

The IPM notice to carrier file is failing for certain carriers due to an incorrect query when retrieving the notice to carrier records. When the number of notice reasons is substantial enough, the max allowable length of the notice reason column is breached, resulting in the "String or binary data would be truncated" error.

Additionally, those carriers that do not have a substantial enough number of notice reasons to breach the max allowable length received records improperly identified with all notice reasons rolled up to a single row.

The IPM Batch file processing has been corrected. 11/25/2019
Some carriers do not store special characters like apostrophes, hyphens, and spaces in the names of their customers, which is causing these names to fail to match what the RMV has on record. Individual policyholders with special characters are now matching as expected 11/25/2019
IPM file processing was found to deadlock when performing the header processed check, which is intended to ensure headers aren't reprocessed once an intervention has occurred and the IPM Record Cleanup has run. Removed "Header Key” check to improve performance 11/25/2019

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