IPM Program Documentation

Insurance Policy Management – Program Documentation

This page provides program documentation for the new Insurance Policy Management (IPM, formerly UMS) program. These program documents are presented separately and are being developed in support of the ATLAS R2 transition. These chapters will be updated and consolidated into an IPM Manual post-launch.

IPM Batch Error Codes

This spreadsheet lists the current ATLAS Batch Error Code list (ATLAS Tab). To aid in transition from ALARS, the legacy ALARS error codes (Legacy (ALARS) Tab) and a side-by-side listing of both ALARS and ATLAS error codes (ATLAS-to-ALARS) are included.


The following document provides a broad overview of how the Insurance Policy Management (IPM) and Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) processes are designed to work in the new ATLAS environment.

ALARS to ATLAS – Code Values

The following document provides translation tables listing code values from ALARS and the new associated ATLAS code values.

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