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This page provides information on the Insurance Policy Management (IPM) program (formerly known as UMS – Uninsured Motorist System). This information is intended for any insurance company, insurance agent, or Service Provider that is currently participating in the Massachusetts IPM Program.

Details regarding related process changes can be found on the IPM Business Process Changes page.

NOTE: RMV data is only available to permitted users. Refer to Section 1 of the Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles, which can be found in the IPM Documents page on this site.

RMV Proposed Changes for Non-Dealers and Casual Sales

The RMV is proposing new changes that will create additional opportunities for insurance agents, insurance carriers, and smaller volume dealerships to participate in the EVR program.

These changes are part of the continuing effort by the RMV to minimize in-person interaction to register and title vehicles and will be implemented during the first quarter of 2021.

RMV New Electronic Signature Policy

The RMV's policy specifies what is acceptable in the form of an electronic signature for use on RMV and Department of Revenue (DOR) documents associated with the processing of Registration and Title transactions.

RMV Insurance Stamp Certification Requirements

The Insurance Stamp Certification Requirements draft is being distributed for Working Group members to review. The following sample is also provided:

Electronic Insurance Stamp (eStamp) Working Group Meetings

During the fall and winter of 2020, four (4) meetings were held between the RMV and several RMV Business Partners to discuss adding additional functionality for Electronic Insurance Stamps (eStamps). View the following meeting notes and presentations for additional details:

Working Group Session 1: 10/21/2020

Working Group Session 2: 11/4/2020

Working Group Session 3: 11/18/2020

Working Group Session 4: 12/2/2020

RMV eSignature Enabled Duplicate Title Transaction Proposal

These guidelines put forth a proposal for two eSignature enabled transactions: a duplicate title transaction and a duplicate title transaction with a payoff for a dealer.

Dealer Title Transaction Instructions and Form

RMV Lienholder Code List

The RMV has published a current listing of lienholder codes. Anyone filling out a Registration and Title Application (RTA) for a vehicle that has a lienholder must enter the correct lienholder code and address on the RTA. This will ensure the title and/or electronic record is sent to the correct party once the transaction is processed. Note: The information contained in the listing is accurate as of the date displayed on the bottom of the document.

Useful Links

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