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Release 2 ATLAS Training – Vehicle Services

Welcome to the RMV Business Portal

The RMV’s transformation to ATLAS, a new web-based system, provides business partners with new, modern, and more convenient ways to access and share data with the RMV, allowing for efficient, quick, and reliable ways to conduct business, including access to the RMV Business Portal.

Those businesses with approved data access can directly log in to the RMV’s ATLAS system through the Business Portal and view data in real time. This provides secure access for inquiries and transaction processing.

The training modules and information below will help ensure you understand how to work with the RMV’s Business Portal to access information and process appropriate transactions.

Business Portal Help Documentation 

Please click the PDF file below to view a list of step by step documentation on how to perform tasks within the Business Portal. 

Working with Non-Renews

This module covers how to add and clear Non-Renews in the Business Portal.

Release 1 ATLAS Training – Driver Services 

Please Note: the module for Working with Non-Renews has been updated and is accessible above within Release 2 ATLAS Training – Vehicle Services.

Viewing Driving History Information

This module covers viewing driving history information or the Driving Record in the Business Portal.

Viewing Suspension Information

This module covers viewing suspension information for a driver in the Business Portal.

Adding a Suspension

This modules covers how to add a suspension in the Business Portal.

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