ATLAS Training

The Massachusetts RMV is fully engaged in a two-phased transformational effort to replace the registry’s current mainframe application (ALARS) with a new web-based application (ATLAS).

ATLAS provides business partners with new, modern, and more convenient ways to access and share data with the RMV, allowing for efficient, quick, and reliable ways to conduct business.

As the RMV completes the second and final phase of the ATLAS implementation, which is set to launch on November 12, 2019, we want to ensure that all our business partners are familiar with the new, up-to-date ways to access and/or exchange important industry data with the RMV. This page provides you with links to the necessary ATLAS training for your specific program or business type to help with a seamless transition.

We have created comprehensive training (links below) for your business or program type, on one of two ways to access and exchange information with the RMV:

eServices Portal

The eServices Portal provides RMV access to individual users logging into a portal that is designed specifically for their business needs. RMV Business Partners with an eServices Portal must have a designated Security Administrator who will manage and maintain access for approved users.

eServices Security Administrators: Use the Administrators HELP document for managing and maintaining access for approved users.

RMV Business Portal

Those businesses with approved data access can directly log in to the RMV’s ATLAS system and view data in real time. This provides secure access for inquiries and transaction processing. To access the training for your program or business, please click the appropriate hyperlink below. Please contact if you have questions or have technical issues.

Inquiry Only Access/All Others

The Inquiry Only Access/All Others training page is meant for users who only use the ATLAS Business Portal to view RMV information. 

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