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Welcome to the Atlas Interface Partner Communications website. The Massachusetts RMV is fully engaged in a modernization effort to replace the registry’s 30+ year old Mainframe application (ALARS) with a new web-based application (Atlas).  The purpose of this site is to provide a secure method to share information in support of converting existing interfaces from the legacy ALARS to the new Atlas system.

The information on this web-site is focused on release 1 of the Atlas project (focused on the Driver Licensing) and will provide design documentation, testing information, and other critical information and schedules for three major groups of interface partners.

If you are an Atlas Interface Partner, click on your partner group and login with your credentials:

What is Atlas?

ATLAS is the project to replace the RMV’s Automated License and Registration System-24/7 transaction based system called ALARS

  • Implemented in 1986 and maintains ability to process 7M transactions daily
  • 30-year-old mainframe based system dated in technical and user interface terms
  • Core legacy products expensive to maintain, confusing to users, lacking flexibility to update as business requirements change
  • Responsible for collecting over $1B in revenue annually for the Commonwealth
  • Relied upon by law enforcement, other state agencies and the insurance industry to perform essential functions

FAST Enterprises, LLC is the vendor selected through a competitive bid process to implement their Commercial Off-the-Shelf motor vehicle product to replace ALARS.  FAST and the Massachusetts RMV have partnered for the implementation of this web-based application.

ALARS to Atlas Timing

Due to the size and scope of this modernization effort, the Atlas project will be implemented in two major releases. Conversion for driver licensing and related data/systems is Release 1 and is scheduled to go-live on March 26, 2017.  Vehicle Registrations and related systems will follow in Release 2 and is planned for November 2019.

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