Excise Tax Commitments Program

The program information in this section is intended for municipal employees and their processing vendors.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles’ (RMV) Excise Tax Program sends municipalities and their processing vendors excise tax commitments for the purpose of excise billing.

Municipalities can receive their community’s Excise Commitment file directly or through a processing vendor that you have authorized to receive your file.

To participate in the Excise Tax Program and/or to have access to the RMV we require that all RMV Business Partners sign an Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (“Access Agreement”) along with additional required documentation for this program, which can be found in the Documents Section.

Excise commitment files contain Driver’s Privacy Protection Act protected information, so your employees, contractors, and/or agents must have a background check before they can access RMV data, refer to Section 11 of the Access Agreement.

As part of the Excise Tax Program we also offer free direct access to the RMV via a Business Portal.  Depending on the type of access you have the Business Portal gives you the ability to:

  • Inquire on drivers and vehicles
  • Recommit excise to another town
  • Submit excise valuation corrections
  • Update customer’s garaging address

What is required to have access to the Business Portal?
Each user that would like access to the Business Portal must complete a RMV Business User Request form and must have signed an Access Agreement, refer to the Business Portal section.

Can I have access to the Business Portal if my Excise Commitment file is sent to a processing vendor?
Yes, we encourage all municipalities to apply for access to the Business Portal.  The Business Portal is free, easy to use and is a helpful tool for your municipality.

How are the Excise Commitment files delivered?
Excise Commitment files are delivered using the RMV’s Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP) MOVEit.  You are required to download your file from MOVEit for processing in your own system to create Excise Bills.

For more detailed information on the RMV’s Secure File Transfer Process (SFTP), please refer to the MOVEit section.

Where is the Excise Tax Commitment Schedule?
The current Excise Tax Commitment Schedule can be found in the documents section in this page.

What if I did not receive my Excise Commitment file?
The RMV recommends that you first confirm that you are accessing the Production MOVEit environment:

If you are in the correct environment and your file is not available to you, please email the RMV at atlas.municipalities@dot.state.ma.us

Where do I find the Excise Commitment file specifications, totals and other technical documents?
These documents can be found in the secured technical section. You will need a username and password to access this area.  

To request access to the technical area, please email atlas.municipalities@dot.state.ma.us

How do I authorize a processing vendor to receive my community’s Excise Commitment file?
An authorization letter must be submitted to the RMV by the municipality.  This letter must be on the official letterhead of the municipality, signed by the appropriate signatory authority. The letter must include the processing vendors information i.e. company name, address, telephone number, contact person’s name & email address.  The letter must also include when the change goes into effect.

Authorization letters should be emailed to atlas.municipalities@dot.state.ma.us

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