This page provides information on how to establish connectivity to the ATLAS QA Environment.

Testing – Web Service

ATLAS web services will be secured by both IP whitelisting and certificate authentication. To establish web service connectivity to the ATLAS staging environment for testing, each organization will need to provide:

  • All IPs from which ATLAS web service calls could originate.  These IPs will be included in the RMVs whitelist.  IPs that attempt to access the ATLAS endpoint that are not listed will be blocked.
  • A Client Certificate – A 2-year client certificate public key signed by a Certification Authority.

(for more information, please review this updated ATLAS Web Service Security document which included and Overview, X.509 Client Certificates, and Client IP Whitelisting requirements)

Generating a Sample Request

This new document is intended to serve as a supplement to web service consumers by providing easy ways to generate a sample request. – MA RMV ATLAS – Generating Web Service Sample Requests

Please download and complete this form to provide IPs for whitelisting EVR Web Service Testing Setup.

Please send completed ATLAS/EVR Release 2 Testing form & Client Certificate information to

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