This page will provide information for the overall testing timeframe as well as instructions on how to establish connectivity to the ATLAS Staging Environment.

Testing Schedule

May/2019 - July/2019: Smoke Testing (optional)

Smoke testing (batch) – RMV can receive test files via MOVEit SFTP and verify correct layout.  Sample files available via MOVEit, SFTP including sample response and request, if applicable.  No processing of data.

Smoke testing (web service) – Web service end-point established and responsive to calls, but with no connected database. Web service will provide “canned” responses for partner verification of data structure.  No processing of data. Validation of call (request) structure and format.

July 1, 2019 - July 19, 2019: Connectivity Testing (required)

Connectivity Testing (batch) – Verify that ATLAS staging environment MOVEit directories have been established and verify successful test file transmission via MOVEit to and from the ATLAS staging environment.

Connectivity Testing (web service) – ATLAS staging environment web service end-points established.  Authentication certificates for testing environment implemented and verified successful web service connection to the ATLAS staging environment.

July 22, 2019 - October 18, 2019: Full Integration Testing (required)

Full Integration Testing – A fully converted production database will be available in the ATLAS staging environment.  The database will be refreshed each week via a new data conversion run.  Other than this weekly data conversion process, the ATLAS staging environment will be available for web service and batch file testing.  Batch files will normally be processed within 24 hours unless otherwise discussed.  Web service endpoint should be responsive 24x7, except for weekend conversion and unexpected issues (it is a testing environment).

*Production connectivity verification – October 21st through November 1st

Testing Setup – Batch

Testing via batch file transfer will be established via the RMV’s MOVEit solution.  Jonathan Magsino ( is overseeing the RMV’s efforts to transition all secure file transfers to the MOVEit solution.  For more information please visit the MOVEit information page.

Testing – Web Service

ATLAS web services will be secured by both IP whitelisting and certificate authentication. To establish web service connectivity to the ATLAS staging environment for testing, each organization will need to provide:

  • All IPs from which ATLAS web service calls could originate.  These IPs will be included in the RMVs whitelist.  IPs that attempt to access the ATLAS endpoint that are not listed will be blocked.
  • A Client Certificate – A 2-year client certificate public key signed by a Certification Authority.

Please download and complete this form to provide IPs for whitelisting EVR Web Service Testing Setup.

Please send completed ATLAS/EVR Release 2 Testing form & Client Certificate information to

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