As part of the upgrade to the Registry of Motor Vehicles’ (RMV) new ATLAS System we require that all RMV Business Partners sign an Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (“Access Agreement”). To ensure that you have seamless access to important RMV data and systems, you must review, electronically sign, and return the Access Agreement by March 8, 2019. The Access Agreement, along with additional required documentation for this program, outlined below will be sent separately through DocuSign, a third-party secure service. The RMV will not provide you with ATLAS system access until we receive your signed Access Agreement and other required documentation listed below.

Sample of Business Partner Required Documents for your review: Important Information – Please Read
  • License Plate Inquires
    This document was created to assist you with plate/registration number inquires in the new ATLAS system.
The ATLAS Interface team has begun bi-weekly ELT web-conferences with all ELT vendors. Non-technical documents will be posted below:

New Registration and Title Application – For use beginning on November 12, 2019

With the launch of ATLAS Release 2, the Massachusetts RMV is combining the current RMV-1 and RMV-3 forms into a new Registration and Title Application form.

Below is a link to the newly designed Registration and Title Application (RTA), which should be used starting November 12, 2019.

Please note: we are providing this new RTA form now, prior to when we can accept it at the RMV, for those who electronically generate this application and may need to make system and/or program updates.

  • Please do not use this application prior to November 12, 2019 when we transition to ATLAS. We cannot accept this form until our new system is launched on November 12.

** Change to RMV-1/RMV-3 Acceptance Criteria

The RMV has made a change to how long the current RMV-1 and RMV-3 forms will be accepted a RMV service centers post launch

  • Tuesday, November 12th – Friday, December 13th – The RMV-1, RMV-3 and new Registration and Title Application (RTA) will be accepted, regardless of the Policy Effective Date or Policy Change Date listed.
  • Monday, December 16, 2019 – The new Registration and Title Application (RTA) is required. The RMV-1 and RMV-3 forms will no longer be accepted.
  • Note: There will only be exceptions for those Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) program transactions that cannot be completed at the EVR location and need to be brought to a Service Center for resolution.

Please refer to the following memo re: RMV-1/RMV-3 Form Acceptance

The new Registration and Title Registration Application form instructions are also included below:

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